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Women Can Flourish in STEM

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The World and STEM ED

Without a doubt the world is evolving at a hasty pace. The amount of information is vastly immeasurable to a point where technological advances are changing how the world works. As a result automation is an inevitable necessity toward mankind’s convenience and newly found professions are established to address the needs of the time.

However, this does not make a dominant case wherein women are not likely to succeed in such a fast-paced environment nor in a wide field of extreme development. In a deeper sense, it is an opportunity for them to grow and even stand out from the best. We open our minds to the possibility of women and young girls to indulge their passion and curiosity in STEM education. Here are three things that will help us broaden our very own understanding as to why.

Breaking Barriers

So to speak, women are equally as good as to their counterparts. There are no such obstacles that will be able to hinder one’s development in the field they are passionate such as the integrative educational system presented by STEM. Women and girls at a young age, owe it themselves to fuel the curiosity that shines bright within them. Allowing them to break the barriers and quash the perpetual stereotypes where women nor girls can excel in fields that has been inspired largely in part by the opposite sex.

Ode to Womanhood

Through history, there have been outstanding women who have significantly contributed to the world and are known to their respective field of expertise such as those presented by STEM. And with the dawn of a digital era, information can be made available when needed. Thankfully, nowadays, women and girls alike can access needed data with regard to feeding their inspirations through the accomplished women of the past and those of the now. STEM education highly empowers individuals to nurture creativity and develop critical thinking skills to help the world become an even better place left by those heroines who have inspired generations. Women and young girls are encouraged as they have the opportunity to indulge their passion through the system provided by STEM and dedicate such a leap to the women who have created a path in history. This opens up a positive dimension to emulate their muse and even become a greater figure in time.

Real Life Application

The old educational curriculum of separated subjects on science, math, engineering and tech are not as effective in a way that such theories are there to groom you in the dealings of real life. It does not give you an exact feel on how to apply such theories in the real world. However, the constant change the world presents wherein all the pillars on which the STEM education is based have been rapidly growing. As a result, there is a soaring increase in employment with STEM qualifications. Women and girls are like a breath of fresh air as they are very much welcomed and embraced to advance their skills and knowledge through STEM education. STEM in contrast to the old curriculum will further develop their foundations on independent thinking, communication and initiative to name a few. Be that as it may these developments in such concepts will enable them to adjust in real life situations and innovate the world to greater heights.


Vivien Rayam is a business consultant and international bestselling author and STEM advocate. She is the owner of Code Ninjas Snellville in Georgia. She works with youth to help them develop a love of computer programming and foster an interest in STEM careers. In Vivien’s private coaching practice, she guides new and emerging women entrepreneurs to build a roadmap for success and helps businesses develop outreach programs, implement federal programs, and develop business resiliency plans to prepare for unexpected business interruptions.

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